International Women of Blockchain Conference (IWB) 2022

Black 'Verse proudly supports the Black Women in Blockchain Celebration, International Women of Blockchain. The International Women of Blockchain is a month long event created to support the endeavors of women from around the globe in Web3. The estimated number of speakers is over 100. There will be 3 hours of themed exploration of worldwide sisterhood around the blockchain.  The celebration is expected to be historical with production spanning all 31 days of March 2022 which is designated as Women's History Month.

Though all the women are special, our very own CEO, NiKole "technikole" Maxwell is the Producer of the International Women of Blockchain event by Black Women in Blockchain Council. As Co-Lead of event, and in addition to creating a full blown production, NiKole also implemented the Discord server and is set to provide training to all of the participants. 
The "IWB" conference will provide 7 days of themed content, each day during the month of March '22 in the following areas:
Take a trip with the Metaverse Godess as NiKole creates the experience for each Futuristic Friday in the Metaverse.  She says viewers can expected a layered approach, helping the viewers discover the (decentralized) Metaverse and possibilities for the future. Other committee members included Najah Roberts,  Cory Clay and Natasha Riviere, Sabrina Bonini.
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