Black 'Verse Presents

Black 'Verse Presents | Dr. Tammy Francis

Black 'Verse Presents is excited to announce that Dr. Tammy Francis will be taking the stage on Saturday, July 30, 2022 at 4PM. The one and only blockchain Dr. of her kind, a Catalyst 4 Change on a Global mission to educate on the blockchain.

Join us on Clubhouse  👋

Black 'Verse Presents Dr Tammy Francis and the Catalyst 4 Change Global

Black 'Verse Presents | IPC and the Funkyipuppets

Black 'Verse Presents: IPAINTCREATURES™️ and the FunkyiPuppets™️
3PM EST | May 7th 2022

What good is a social audio app if you can't have a little fun?! Our listeners tapped in to be entertained by the first Cartoon Audio Troupe!

Black 'Verse Presents IPC and the FunkyipuppetsThis troupe of voice actors were brought to the stage by the mastermind IPAINTCREAUTURES (IPC, Lucas Film Alumni). The FunkyiPuppets are the Yokai - actors and musicians, many of whom are friends from near and far that have found their calling in art, song and scene.

We went on a journey to see how theirs brought them them into the world of NFTs and a future in the Metaverse.


Black 'Verse Presents | African Museum of the Metaverse Pre Launch Party

Black 'Verse Presents was elated to premier the African Museum of the Metaverse to our Clubhouse community February 13th, 2022 with Memme Onwudiwe (and creator Chinwe Onwudiwe in her absence). Black 'Verse community members were given a sneak peek of the African Museum of the Metaverse in advance of the official opening. Our community toured the museum on phones and browsers and live in Discord, in the Cryptovoxels ( metaverse environment.  Black 'Verse Metaverse will be proudly supporting the official launch of the museum on February 20, 2022.  

Seeing creators view their own work displayed in such a beautiful way, was amazing. Catch the replay of this absolutely outstanding and historical experience.

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Black 'Verse Presents | Queen Earth & the Dreamer Handbook

Black Verse thanks "Queen Earth" (M G Smith) for dropping her knowledge, soul and song on the stage on February 5th, 2022. We learned, felt and soared with her as she shared and taught on stage.  Tap into the replay to connect with the Queen Earth to hear her historical retelling of family lineage and the importance of progress towards a decentralized Metaverse. Also catch a vibe for all things on the Tezos blockchain including NFTS, onboarding and succeeding in this space as a musician and woman of color.

Check out the replay from Clubhouse if you missed it:

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