Black 'Verse Presents | IPC and the Funkyipuppets

Black 'Verse Presents: IPAINTCREATURES™️ and the FunkyiPuppets™️
3PM EST | May 7th 2022

What good is a social audio app if you can't have a little fun?! Our listeners tapped in to be entertained by the first Cartoon Audio Troupe!

Black 'Verse Presents IPC and the FunkyipuppetsThis troupe of voice actors were brought to the stage by the mastermind IPAINTCREAUTURES (IPC, Lucas Film Alumni). The FunkyiPuppets are the Yokai - actors and musicians, many of whom are friends from near and far that have found their calling in art, song and scene.

We went on a journey to see how theirs brought them them into the world of NFTs and a future in the Metaverse.


Black 'Verse Presents:
IPAINTCREATURES and the FunkyiPuppets
Live on Clubhouse Saturday May 7th @ 3PM EST.

Catch the replay -

Tazuo Yamaguchi (known as IPAINTCREATURES/IPC) has been inspiring, entertaining, educating and empowering folks of all ages worldwide for over two decades. and is an alumni of LucasFilm, with George Lucas.

Black Multiverse Enterprises (BME) creates avenues for future-forward practical innovation within disenfranchised communities. Black Multiverse is  dedicated to disrupting disenfranchisement in the present, to preserve possibilities in the future and is on a mission to help to create change and infuse legacies into our collective futures. BME is the home of Black 'Verse Metaverse, Black Blockchain Alliance and the Black VR Gamers League, corporate communications: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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